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AN Exploration & Prospecting Company

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F3 Gold is a private gold prospecting and exploration company based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Updating the geologic model by testing our new science suggesting an undiscovered gold deposit in the Black Hills region of South Dakota.


We believe in a future of sustainable mineral development for American-made opportunity and prosperity for all.


The Next Generation

We are forward-thinking entrepreneurs disrupting the status quo and leading by example with a sustainable approach built on integrity, authenticity, and responsibility.


We are technical experts with a passion for geology, who utilize scientific, data-driven techniques to understand the story of how the Earth was formed at an elemental level.


The global challenges we face today will be solved by deploying the technologies of tomorrow, and nearly all of these innovations require critical mineral resources to produce.

Environmental Stewards

While modern societies must utilize resources to live and progress, we believe their development can be achieved sustainably to minimize impact and ensure a safer, healthier, and happier future.

Socially Responsible

Rocks are our passion but people are the heart of our business. From our staff to suppliers, local communities and aspiring students, we work hard to help lift others through education, employment, and investment.

Value Creators

Our drive to explore and solve tough problems is crucial to creating the value that powers human progress, enriches lives and improves society.



Our highly trained and certified team ensures all projects follow an industry-leading safety protocol and meet all State and Federal compliance standards.


Our long-term vision and care for ecosystems drive our commitment to sustainable business practices and ethical decision-making.


We build partnerships that utilize local talent and resources, ensuring growth and investment in local communities.


We hire well-qualified local personnel whenever possible, and partner with Universities to create learn-work opportunities for students.


Want more info about our project?

Please feel free to visit our Learning Library (below), read our most recent blog posts, or download a digital copy of our project presentation.


GOLD: The Why Factors

Gold is everywhere. Due to its versatile properties it is a vital component in technologies from nearly every economic sector in the U.S., making it strategic and critical to our future.

What Is Exploration?

Geologists are essentially Earth detectives; we use science to uncover clues about the story of how our planet was formed over billions of years, from stardust to the modern world we know today. 


Also known as diamond core drilling, this precision sampling technique is an important tool in the geologist’s toolkit to gather data on rock buried deep underground without major excavation.


Q: Are you a mining company or planning to mine in the Black Hills? 

A: No, we are not a mining company. We are an exploration and prospecting company!  Our focus is on staking prospective ground to evaluate the geology, with the goal of locating a high-grade, underground, gold deposit.

Q: What is exploration?

A: Exploration is the systematic process of studying the geology, collecting data and evaluating the potential for minerals.  Simply put, Exploration is Scientific Prospecting!

Q: How many exploration projects become a mine?

A: Statistically, less than 3% of all exploration projects ever become a mine.

Q: What is F3 Gold looking for in their Black Hills project?

A: We are looking for gold and other associated precious metals, such as silver.

Q: Why are you looking for gold and precious metals in the Black Hills? 

A: The Black Hills is a historical mining district with a significant geology and gold production. F3 Gold has been studying the geology and working with new science to better understand a new approach to exploring for gold in this world famous district.

Q: Hasn’t all the gold in the Black Hills already been found? 

A: We believe that it is very unlikely all the gold has been found. Our new science and geology model strongly suggests there could be gold hidden deep underground.

Q: Will there be an open pit like Wharf & Homestake?

A: Our model suggests if any gold deposit is found, it would be deep underground and not likely to be mined with an open pit.

Q: Is your project going to be using water from Rapid Creek? 

A: No, F3 Gold will not source any water from Rapid Creek, or any other creek in the Black Hills.

Q: Have you found gold at any of your sites in the Black Hills?  

A: So far, the geology we have examined supports the new model for the region as favorable to host an underground gold deposit.  To date, F3 Gold has not discovered a gold deposit.

Q: How are you working with the local communities in the region?  

A: F3 Gold has a variety of initiatives in place for working with the local communities, including:

  1. Supporting local Youth through the YMCA and the Boys & Girls Clubs
  2. Supporting the local Volunteer Fire Departments
  3. Working with the USFS
  4. Meeting with local residents and community leaders
  5. Planning future engagement with tribal communities

Q: What impacts will your project have on the environment? 

A: Exploration activities have very minor, or no environmental impacts. We do this by limiting our exposure to creeks and lakes; limiting our surface disturbance; planting trees to replace ones that may be removed; and working with the Forest Service, BLM and Department of Environment and Natural Resources, and local groups to ensure our activities abide by environmental best practices.

Q: What makes F3 Gold different from other exploration companies? 

A: F3 Gold is a small private gold exploration company based in Minnesota. Our project in the Black Hills was born from our love of geology and recreation.  We are proud to have strong environmental stewardship and social responsibility, and as a group of young and passionate geologists, we see opportunity in being the future of our industry.  Our strong values and new age thinking are a testament to who we are and our project.


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