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without a trace!

How F3 Gold’s Jenny Gulch mineral exploration project will leave no lasting environmental impacts

Rob Bergman

President, F3 Gold

f3 Gold’s jenny gulch Exploration Project will leave no trace

There is a lot of misinformation out there about F3 Gold’s Jenny Gulch exploration drilling proposal and we’ve heard from concerned Black Hills residents who want to better understand our proposed project. The simple truth is, our proposed plan of operations is for a small exploration project that will give us the valuable geological data we need while following best practices that minimize any potential for impacts. 

Here’s how:

A Compact Drill Program

F3 Gold’s proposed plan of operations for the Jenny Gulch area includes a total of 42 drill pad sites. Each drill pad is temporarily constructed and sits on a 50’x50′ footprint. The cumulative impact area of our entire proposed drilling program is less than 5 acres of national forest land, out of 1.2 million acres of Black Hills National Forest! The final footprint of our project is yet to be determined and will be impacted by USFS requested changes and concessions.

Limited Timeframe

Once a permit is granted we will have one year to conduct drilling operations. As drill holes are completed and core samples removed, the finished holes are capped and sealed immediately. When the drilling program is completed the drill pads will be reclaimed and sites will be restored to their original condition.

Here are some sample photos from another project to demonstrate what a drill site looks like after project completion.

Photos of a drill site before (left) and after project completion.

Leave No Trace

Our program will not use any ground or surface water for drilling. Instead we will be sourcing water from municipal sources. Also, we will be using catch basins to settle out cuttings and recycle the water to minimize water use and prevent ground discharge of water. The drilling process itself is also very natural, using only steel pipe, a diamond core drill bit, biodegradable lubricants and clay. Once completed, our program will leave no trace.



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