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Pierre, SD

June 4th, 2019

A Fun & Informative Visit To The South Dakota Capitol

Earlier this month, F3 Gold founders Rob Bergmann and Brian Lentz traveled to Pierre, South Dakota to meet with top leaders in state government; Governor Kristi Noem, and Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources Steve Pirner.

Governor Noem and Secretary Pirner were not only gracious hosts to offer some of their valuable time, but also a knowledgeable and inquisitive audience while providing Rob and Brian the opportunity to share the story of their company and Black Hills exploration project.

In addition to learning more about the mission and values behind F3 Gold’s business model, Governor Noem and Secretary Pirner shared many insights about the needs of South Dakota and its citizens. Both leaders voiced a strong commitment to the well-being and prosperity of their constituents. Each expressed a need for creating economic opportunity while ensuring strong social and environmental responsibility. 

Rob and Brian reaffirmed their stated goals, ensuring F3 Gold is aligned with the state’s needs and aiming to create value for its stakeholders. Rob and Brian emphasized that ethical integrity is always a prerequisite no matter the phase of their project. 

As the visit demonstrated, a willingness to be accessible and transparent is a great first step in building authentic partnerships. Both parties left the meeting feeling better informed and pleased at the chance to get acquainted. By opening a dialogue, going forward they hope to proactively share information with stakeholders about the benefits and positive outcomes of the F3 Gold project.

“Since founding F3 Gold, one of our top priorities has been to actively engage our stakeholders in an authentic, transparent, and ongoing dialogue. In our journey as entrepreneurs, we’ve recognized that no one reaches their goals by going it alone. It takes help from many different contributors, and building strong partnerships with our public leaders is a cornerstone of that approach.”

- Brian Lentz

Vice President, F3 Gold

F3 Gold founders Brian Lentz and Rob Bergmann meet with South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem | June 4th, 2019


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